The American Association for Geodetic Surveying (AAGS) aims to lead the
community of geodetic, surveying, and land information data users through the 21st
century. This will require AAGS to develop new educational programs, including
presentations, seminars, and workshops on topics related to geodetic surveying;
and articles and papers that inform the membership of the latest scientific and
technological developments and how to implement them in the most cost-effective
and efficient manner.

The American Association for Geodetic Surveying (AAGS) pursues activities that:
• Promote a better understanding of geodesy as a science;
• Create a better appreciation of the value of geodetic surveys and thus
encourage greater use of such surveys;
• Promote geodetic surveys by individuals, government, and private
• Foster the adoption of uniform standards and procedures for completing
geodetic surveys;
• Promote the processing, publishing, and disseminating of geodetic survey data
and information;
• Promote programs for testing, calibrating, and evaluating geodetic equipment;
• Further the development and implementation of the Global Positioning System
(GPS) for geodetic, land surveying, and land information system applications;
• Inform the membership of new technical developments by meetings of the
association and publications of the ACSM Congress;
• Promote educational programs in geodesy, geodetic surveying, and related
• Cooperate with other Member Organizations and committees of ACSM and
other similar organizations, both national and international, in support of the
science of geodesy;
• Encourage the use of geodetic surveys and mathematical coordinate systems
in establishing Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corners; and
• Encourage the use of geodetic surveys and mathematical coordinate