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Educational Videos

  1. Introduction to map projections

    1. Basic Geodetic Concepts
      1. Surfaces
      2. Radii and Coordinate Systems
      3. Geodetic to XYZ
    2. Introduction to Map Projections
      1. Definitions and developable surfaces
      2. Mercator Map Projection
      3. Transverse Mercator
      4. Lambert Conformal Conic
      5. Stereographic
    3. Observation Reductions
      1. Conversion of Directions
      2. Conversion of Distances
    4. Traverse Computations
      1. Traverse Computations I
      2. Traverse Computations II
      3. Crossing Zones
    5. Low-Distortion Projections
      1. LDP I
      2. LDP II
      3. LDP III
      4. LDP IV
      5. LDP V
  2. Motions of the Earth

    1. Motions of the Earth
  3. Gravity

    1. Gravitational Attraction
    2. The Normal Ellipsoid
    3. Gravitational Reductions
    4. The Geoid
    5. Leveling
    6. Heights and Corrections
    7. Deflection of the Vertical
  4. Ellipsoidal Reference Systems

    1. Ellipsoidal Properties and Basics
    2. Meridian Coordinates and Developmental Latitudes
    3. Radii and Arc Lengths on the Ellipsoid
    4. Geocentric Coordinates
  5. Shape of the Earth

    1. Part I
      1. Reference frames and datums
      2. NGS control data sheets
      3. FGCS standards
      4. National Spatial Reference Systems (NSRS)
    2. Field Procedures for Control Surveys
      1. Horizontal control surveys
      2. Vertical control surveys
      3. GNSS static surveys
      4. GNSS kinematic surveys
  6. Coordinate and Time Reference Systems

    1. Celestial Coordinate System
    2. Local and Geodetic Coordinate Systems
    3. Celestial and Terrestrial Reference Frames
    4. Satellite Coordinate Systems
    5. Time Standards
  7. Reference Frames and Transformations

    1. Evolution of NAD 83
    2. The Helmert Transformation
    3. Two + One Approach
    4. Localization/Site Calibration
  8. Observation Reductions

    1. Azimuth and angles reductions
    2. Distance reductions using heights
    3. Distance reductions using vertical angles
  9. Astronomical Observations for Azimuth

    1. Hour-angle formula
    2. Field procedures and observational reductions
  10. Global Navigation Satellite Systems

    1. Overview
    2. Code-based Positioning
    3. Point positioning and errors
    4. Dilution of Precision
    5. Static surveys and post-processing
    6. Planning a GNSS survey
    7. Post-survey analysis