NGS Announces Beta Coordinate Conversion Tool

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NGS Announces Beta Coordinate Conversion Tool

The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) is pleased to announce the Beta
release of a new and improved transformation tool in the NGS geodetic
toolkit. This redesigned version supports the transformation between
geodetic coordinates and State Plane Coordinates (SPC), Universal
Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates, Cartesian coordinates (XYZ),
and U.S. National Grid (USNG) coordinates as a one-stop solution. It
features transformation of single or multiple points, Web services,
and software downloads. NGS encourages users to try the Beta Version
and provide feedback (to so the final
version may be improved prior to release as on official NGS product.

The update was in the development stage for several months, and it
provides surveyors and geodesists with a more efficient and
streamlined way of accessing frequently used NGS tools in the geodetic
toolkit. The new interface allows one-page easy access to
transformations that were previously available only on separate pages.

The Beta version is accessible at:

For more information, contact:

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